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We continue to strive to present complex scientific and technical analysis, through innovative and engaging ways, that is easy to understand, relates to everyday lives, and raises our collective action to live sustainably. Our office produces a variety of reports and information to achieve this goal.

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“I Want to Have a Future”: A Report on Young People’s Hopes for the Environment in the ACT
ACT Environmental Volunteers Report
Environmental offsets in the ACT
The Carbon & Ecological Footprints of the population of the ACT
Butterfly Accounts for the Australian Capital Territory (Drs M Vardon & S Bond) – 2019
Heat, humanity and the Hockey Stick: Climate Change and Sport in Canberra – September 2019
Circular CBR
Environmental-Economic Accounts: Proof of Concept – September 2017
The 2011-12 Ecological Footprint of the population of the ACT – September 2015
Nature Conservation Roundtable Report – May 2014
An Expert Paper on Ecologically Sustainable Development (Dr Gerry Bates) – May 2014
Buying Choices for a More Sustainable Canberra – September 2012
Audit-Assessment of Environmental Performance Reporting – October 2010
Report of the Grassland Forum – May 2010
Review of the Role of the Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment – August 2007
ACT Forests Weed Treatment Options – May 2002

Urban Open Spaces Land Management Plan – August 2023
Ginninderry Development Application – August 2023
Inquiry into the ACT’s Heritage Arrangements – February 2023
Draft new Territory Plan – January 2023
Draft Circular Economy Strategy – December 2022
Single Use Plastics – Tranche 3- November 2022
Inquiry into waste management of absorbent hygiene products – October 2022
EPBC Act Referral – Lawson North Residential Development – September 2022
Light Rail: City to Woden – September 2022
Inquiry into Electric Vehicle Adoption in the ACT – August 2022
Inquiry into Urban Forest Bill – August 2022
ACT Planning System Review and Reform Project – June 2022
Capital Food and Fibre Strategy Submission – February 2022
Amending the Residential Tenancies Act on The Right to Grow Food – August 2021
ECI ACT school infrastructure – May 2021
Urban Forest Strategy – 2020
Draft Strategic Bushfire Management Plan – June 2019
Draft transport strategy – March 2019
Waste to Energy – November 2018
EEIS Priority Household Target Consultation 2018-19 – 5 July 2018
Nature in Our City
Nomination of Unnatural Habitat Fragmentation as a Key Threatening Process – 8 June 2018
ACT’s Climate Strategy to a Net Zero Emissions Territory – 20 March 2018
Draft Molonglo River Reserve Management Plan – 19 March 2018
ACT Volunteering Action Plan – 14 February 2018
ACT Housing Choices Discussion Paper – 2 February 2018
Towards A New Housing Strategy – 15 September 2017
Draft Migratory Species Action Plan 2017 – 24 August 2017
Nomination on the loss of native hollow-bearing trees as a KTP – 8 June 2017
Draft ACT Native Grassland Conservation Strategy – 12 May 2017
EEIS – Consultation on the Priority Household Target – 5 May 2017
Transforming Haig Park from a windbreak to a 21st Century park – 22 March 2017
Lower Cotter Catchment Draft Reserve Management Plan – 14 March 2017
Incorporating Active Living Principles into the Territory Plan – 10 February 2017
Public Housing Proposal for Downer – 20 December 2016
Pink-Tailed Worm-Lizard Draft Action Plan – 6 December 2016
Draft Ginini Flats Wetland Complex Ramsar Management Plan – 31 October 2016
Kambah Group Centre Upgrade – 26 October 2016
Gartside St Improvements Concept Plan – 23 August 2016
A Day To Celebrate Reconciliation: Have Your Say Community Consultation – 8 July 2016

For the Love of the Lakes
What’s the state of my local lake?
Protecting Canberra’s air quality
Circular CBR – Storymap
The Heroic and the Dammed – Storymap
Unfantastic Plastic – Storymap
Independent Audit of the Molonglo Valley Strategic Assessment – Storymap
Australia’s Black Summer

Information about archived reports available on request.


What is the state of our environment?

Every four years, the Office publishes a report on the state of the environment in the ACT. Watch this video for an overview of the 2023 report’s key topics and findings.

What are the health impacts of wood heaters?

What is the circular economy, and where is it happening in the ACT?

Transitioning to a circular economy is a necessary step to achieve sustainability in the ACT. But what exactly is it?

As well as serving a great frothy brew, Capital Brewing Co. support the circular economy through the ways they produce their beer.

Can the circular economy halve our carbon emissions by 2030 and put nearly $5,000 a year back into the pockets of Canberra households?

As well as building community and empowering migrant and refugee women, Girls on Bikes supports the circular economy through re-purposing second hand bikes from around Canberra.

ONA Coffee explains how they support Canberra’s circular economy, and why they choose a sustainable approach to their production of coffee.