The Heroic and the Dammed: Lower Cotter Evaluation – February 2019

This investigation responds to Recommendation 12 of the Auditor-General’s Report No. 3/15, to evaluate restoration against ongoing management goals and report on priorities for the next decade.

It provides an update on the implementation status of all twelve recommendations from the Auditor-General’s Report, the seven recommendations from the subsequent Standing Committee on Public Accounts Report, and a broad evaluation of restoration against the key management objectives contained in the Lower Cotter Catchment Reserve Management Plan 2018.

These are:

  • to protect existing and future domestic water supply,
  • to conserve the natural environment, and
  • to provide for public use of the areas for education, research and low impact recreation.

Additionally, to support future evaluations and statutory reporting against management objectives and actions, this report provides a framework to monitor and evaluate water quality and ecological values over time and under changing environmental and economic conditions.

The Commissioner has made recommendations, broadly relating to:

  • Monitoring and Evaluation Implementation,
  • Funding and Resources Commitment,
  • Governance Improvements,
  • Coordination of Efforts, and
  • Legislative Interventions.

The ACT Government responded on 6 June 2019 with 13 of 14 recommendations agreed or agreed in principle. View the Government Response.

Click here for the full report: The Heroic and the Damned: Lower Cotter Evaluation – February 2019

The monitoring and evaluation framework considers risk factors outlined in the infographic above.