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2004 Report

Goulburn Mulwaree

Places on heritage registers in Goulburn Mulwaree Council Area, June 2004

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Places on heritage registers in or near Bemboka, Binjura and Bolaro
NameLocationTown / nearest townDate listed
LEPState Heritage RegisterRegister of the National EstateOther register
Bungonia State Recreation Area Lookdown RoadBungonia1995
Caarne Historic Site (demolished in 1986 but significant archaeological remains are likely to exist at the site)Lookdown RoadBungonia1991
Christ Church AnglicanKing StreetBungonia1999
Inverary Park Inverary RoadBungonia1980
Long Gully Mining Area Bungonia1995
Lumley Park Homestead, Outbuildings and Curtilage Windellama RoadBungonia1981
Spring Creek Bungonia Historic Area Spring Ridge RoadBungonia1995


Places on heritage registers in or near Goulburn
NameLocationTown / nearest townDate listed
LEPState Heritage RegisterRegister of the National EstateOther register
Alpine Lodge TerracesSloane StreetGoulburn1999National Trust
AMP Society Building191 Auburn Street GoulburnRoyal Australian Institute of Architects list
Belmore parkBounded by Auburn, Market, Sloane & Montague streetsGoulburn1980National Trust
Blackshaw Road Underbridges Bradshaw RoadGoulburnSRA s.170 Register (1999)
Bourke St Public School196 Bourke Street GoulburnNational Trust
Bull and Woodward Archway10 Market StreetGoulburn1978National Trust
Carrawarra104 Bradley Street GoulburnNational Trust
Cast Iron Post Box60 Grafton StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Catholic Cathedral Group (Roman Catholic Cathedral Group) (see also Roman Catholic Bishop's Residence and Presbytery (Saints Peters and Paul Cathedral and stone and iron fence))SE Corner Bourke and Verner StreetsGoulburn1983National Trust
Christ Church & Rectory128 Addison Street Goulburn1990National Trust
Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society Building (CML)207 Auburn Street (NE corner Auburn and Clifford Street)Goulburn1999National Trust
Commercial Building (Hollis Group)194-204 Auburn StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Commercial Building Facades314-324 Auburn StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Commercial Building Facades380-386 Auburn StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Conolly's Old Mill and Swimming Baths Group285 Sloane StreetGoulburn1999National Trust;
Industrial Archaeological Site
Coolavin Hotel (former Southern Railway Hotel)188 Sloane StreetGoulburn1978National Trust
Cottages24-30 Australia StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dimmeys (Old Young's/Grace Bros)180-186 Auburn Street GoulburnNational Trust;
Royal Australian Institute of Architects list
Dwelling22 Argyle Street Goulburn1990National Trust
Dwelling133 Kinghorne StreetGoulburn1990National Trust
Dwelling136 Verner StreetGoulburnLocal Trust
Dwelling138 Cowper StreetGoulburnLocal Trust
Dwelling191 Nicholson StreetGoulburnLocal Trust
Dwelling205 Cowper StreetGoulburnLocal Trust
Dwelling216 Cowper StreetGoulburnLocal Trust
Dwelling27 Mayor StreetGoulburnLocal Trust
Dwelling45 Auburn Street GoulburnLocal Trust
Dwelling5 Addison Street GoulburnLocal Trust
Dwelling62 Grafton StreetGoulburnLocal Trust
Dwelling66, 68 Grafton StreetGoulburnLocal Trust
Dwelling82 Clifford StreetGoulburnLocal Trust
Dwelling10 Belmore Street GoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling10 Beppo Street GoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling10 Cowper StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling10, 14, 16 Cole StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling101 Bourke StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling11 Hurst StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling111-113 Bradley StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling114 Bradley StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling118-132 Bourke StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling12 Church Street GoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling12 Hurst StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling12 Lagoon StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling12-18 Grafton StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling122-142 Clinton StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling125-125 Faithfull StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling127-129 Faithful StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling128 Clifford Street GoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling129 Grafton StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling131-133 Faithfull StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling135-137 Faithfull StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling139 Faithful StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling14 Church StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling142, 144 Cowper StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling16 Church Street GoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling16-20 Lithgow StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling167-171 Bourke StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling168 Bourke StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling175-177 Bourke Street GoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling194 Bourke StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling2 Belmore Street GoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling203 Cowper StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling209 Cowper StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling21 Grafton StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling21 Hurst StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling210 Cowper StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling219 Faithful StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling220 Cowper StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling224 Bourke StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling227 Cowper Street (corner Citizen, Cowper & Beppo streets)GoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling228 Cowper StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling230 Cowper StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling232 Cowper StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling236-238 Cowper StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling24 Hurst StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling24 Lorne StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling244 Cowper StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling26 Beppo StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling27-27 Grafton StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling276 Bourke Street GoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling278 Bourke Street GoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling32, 34 Mulwaree StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling33 Cole Street.GoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling39 Cole StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling4 Belmore StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling4 Church StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling40 Citizen StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling42 Goldsmith StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling44 Montague StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling4-6 Lithgow StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling5 Lithgow StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling50 Montague StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling51 Citizen StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling51 Grafton StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling53 Citizen StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling57 Goldsmith StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling57, 59 Reynolds StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling60 Bradley Street GoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling62, 64, 66 Goldsmith StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling63 Clinton StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling65-69 Clinton StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling6-8 Grafton StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling7 Citizen Street GoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling71 Citizen StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling72-74 LagoonGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling76 Montague StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling8 Beppo Street GoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling8 Hurst StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling81-83 Goldsmith StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling83 Grafton StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling85 Bradley StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling85 Citizen Street GoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling85 Verner StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling87 Bradley StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling88 Clifford StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling9-19 Grafton StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling99-101 Bradley StreetGoulburnNational Trust
DwellingBlackshaw RoadGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling4-6 Streeterne StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Dwelling (Antrim House)11 George StreetGoulburn1990National Trust
Dwelling (Lawrenny)6 Lawrenny AveGoulburn1990National Trust
Dwelling (Leigh House)2 Chantry StreetGoulburn1990National Trust
Dwelling (Marion Hill) (also called House and outbuildings)Garroorigang RoadGoulburn1990
Dwelling (Tarrawingee)10 Opal StreetGoulburn1990National Trust
Dwelling (Tenneriffe)Mary's Mount RoadGoulburn1990
Dwelling (The Rectory)Gilmore StreetGoulburn1990
Dwelling The Potteries)14 Common StreetGoulburn1990National Trust
Dwellings7-13 Addison Street GoulburnLocal Trust
Eastgrove Jewish CemeteryLong StreetGoulburn1990
Fire Station (former) (part of Montague St Business Group?)11 Montague StreetGoulburn1978
Fitzroy BridgeHume HighwayGoulburnIndustrial Archaeological Site
Former Bishopthorpe and St Margaret's Anglican Girls Home126 Cowper StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Former Presbyterian Church Group (includes Church Manse and School)2-4 Craig StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Former Star Hotel43 Reynolds StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Formerly St Kilda Cottage21-23 Beppo StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Garroorigang Homestead and StablesBraidwood Road south BypassGoulburn19901978National Trust
Goulburn Ambulance Station / Kinkora Home18 Clifford StreetGoulburnDept of Health s.170 Register
Goulburn Base Hospital130 Goldsmith Street GoulburnNational Trust
Goulburn Chinese (formerly Goulburn Rugby Club)Market StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Goulburn Court House Group (also called Goulburn Courthouse and Residence) (see also Goulburn Courthouse (former) and Police Station (former))4 Montague Street (corner Montague and Sloane streets)Goulburn19991978National Trust
Goulburn Courthouse (former) and Police Station (former) (see also Goulburn Courthouse Group)Sloane Street, corner Montague StreetGoulburn1978
Goulburn Courthouse, Setting and Fence (see also Goulburn Courthouse Group; former Courthouse & Police Station)Montague StreetGoulburn1978
Goulburn Gaol (Goulburn Correctional Centre)67-109 Maud StreetGoulburn19991978Centre & many individual buildings on Dept Correctional Services s.170 Register (1995);
National Trust
Goulburn High SchoolGoldsmith StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Goulburn Locomotive Round House and Wellington ShedBraidwood Road north bypass Goulburn1990National Trust
Goulburn Permanent Building Society building (former ANZ Bank)256 Auburn Street Goulburn1982National Trust;
Royal Australian Institute of Architects list
Goulburn Police Station276 Sloane StreetGoulburnCentral Building and former pavilions of old hospital on Dep. Of Health s.170 Register;
National Trust
Goulburn Post Office165 Auburn StreetGoulburn20001978Commonwealth Heritage list;
National Trust
Goulburn Pumping Station, Marsden Weir and Appleby Steam Engine (see also places with separate names)Off Fitzroy and River StreetsGoulburn1999
Goulburn Railway group movable relics (see also Railway Station group) Goulburn1999
Goulburn Station Footbridge (Goulburn Yard Footbridge) GoulburnSRA s.170 Register (1999)
Goulburn Technical College160 Bourke StreetGoulburnNational Trust;
Royal Australian Institute of Architects list
Goulburn Viaduct (Mulwaree Ponds) Goulburn1999
Halisbury House20-22 Montague StreetGoulburnRoyal Australian Institute of Architects list
Hebburn Steam Winding Engine (located within Marsden Steam Museum)Crookwell RoadGoulburn1978
Horne Square (excludes 1A off Clinton St)Horne SquareGoulburnNational Trust
Kenmore Psychiatric Hospital Precinct283-299 Taralga RoadGoulburnPrecinct and many individual buildings on Dep. Of Health s.170 Register;
National Trust
Kippilaw Garden Gurrundah RoadGoulburn1978
Kippilaw Homestead Group Gurrundah RoadGoulburn1978
Lansdowne BridgeBungonia Road over Mulwaree Chain of Ponds RiverGoulburn19901989
Lansdowne Park (RNE & SHR include Outbuildings & Jewish Temple)33 Bungonia RoadGoulburn19991978National Trust
Lynburn Guest House93 Bradley StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Marsden Steam Museum (= Goulburn Pumping Station, Marsden Weir & Appleby Steam Engine)199 River StreetGoulburn1978Industrial Archaeological Site
McDermott Centre (Old Town Hall)163 Auburn StreetGoulburn1978National Trust
Methodist Church (Wesleyean)199 Bourke StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Montague St Business Group5-19 Montague StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Mulwaree Private Hotel160 Sloane Street (158 - 166 Sloane Street)Goulburn1978National Trust
National Bank (Old Municipal Library)167 Auburn StreetGoulburnNational Trust
North Goulburn Public School1 Union StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Norwood Middle Arm RoadGoulburn1978
Old Goulburn Brewery (Formerly Bradley's Mill and Brewery)23 Bungonia RoadGoulburn19991978National Trust;
Industrial Archaeological Site
Our Lady of Mercy Convent and ChapelNE corner Bourke & Clinton streetsGoulburn1983National Trust
Railway Barracks (Former Police Barracks) (called Old Police Barracks in SHR)170 Sloane StreetGoulburn1999National Trust
Railway GatehouseHume HighwayGoulburnNational Trust
Railway Station Group (called Goulburn Railway Station, yard and workshop in SHR)161 Sloane StreetGoulburn19991980National Trust
Railway Workshops (former)Sloane StreetGoulburn1999
RiversdaleMaud StreetGoulburn20021978National Trust
RJ Sydney Craig Funeral Directors298 Sloane StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Roman Catholic Bishop's Residence and Presbytery (Saints Peters and Paul Cathedral and stone and iron fence) (see also Catholic Cathedral Group (Roman Catholic Cathedral Group))36 Verner StreetGoulburn1983National Trust;
Royal Australian Institute of Architects list
Rossis (Rossi) Bridge over Wollondilly RiverMain Road 248 / Main Road 248 / Grabben Gullen RoadGoulburn20001989RTA s.170 Register
Row of Dwellings150 - 180 Cowper StreetGoulburnLocal Trust
Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral and Fence Bourke StreetGoulburn1983
Shop/Residence190 Cowper Street (corner of Clifford Street)GoulburnNational Trust
Sloane St Group160-188 Sloane StreetGoulburn1978
South African War Memorial Market StreetGoulburn1980
St Clair318 Sloane StreetGoulburn19991978National Trust
St James Anglican Church Cemetery Gurrundah RoadGoulburn1978
St James Chapel on Kippilaw Gurrundah RoadGoulburn1978
St Joseph's House of Prayer (former orphanage)153-163 Taralga RoadGoulburn1990
St Nicholas Anglican Church15-17 Kinghorne StreetGoulburn1990National Trust
St Patricks CollegeW Clinton/College and Addison Street (147 Addison Street)Goulburn1990National Trust
St Saviours Cathedral (Anglican)Church Street eastern sideGoulburn1980National Trust
St Savours Church HallBourke Street/Church Street (eastern side Church Street)GoulburnNational Trust
Terrace dwellings14-20 Bradley Street GoulburnNational Trust
Terrace/duplex20-24 Clifford Street GoulburnNational Trust
Terraces310-312 Sloane StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Terraces168-174 Sloane StreetGoulburn1978
Terraces and former shop176-186 Sloane StreetGoulburn1978National Trust
Uniting Church25 Clifford StreetGoulburnNational Trust
Wollondilly River Underbridge3 km Past Station GoulburnSRA s.170 Register (1999)
Wynella stone barnMazamet RoadGoulburn1999


Places on heritage registers in or near Marulan
NameLocationTown / nearest townDate listed
LEPState Heritage RegisterRegister of the National EstateOther register
Glenrock Homestead, Stone Outbuildings, Grounds and Trees Bundanoon RoadMarulan1978
Marulan Railway Station and Yard Group Marulan1999SRA s.170 Register (1999)
Old Marulan Town Marulan1999
Ooranook (Welcome Reef Dam area)Mayfield-Charleyong RoadStewarts Crossing1999Sydney Water s.170 Register (?1996)
Tallong Railway Station, Yard and Water SupplyMain Southern railwayTallong1999SRA s.170 Register (1999)


Places on heritage registers in or near Tarago
NameLocationTown / nearest townDate listed
LEPState Heritage RegisterRegister of the National EstateOther register
Tarago Railway Station Goulburn - Braidwood RoadTarago1978
Tarago Railway Station groupGoulburn-Bombala railwayTarago1999


Places on heritage registers in or near Tirrannaville
NameLocationTown / nearest townDate listed
LEPState Heritage RegisterRegister of the National EstateOther register
Tirranna Original Garden Remains Braidwood RoadTirranaville1992
Burrungurroolong and Stables Braidwood RoadTirrannaville1978
Burrungurroolong Garden Braidwood RoadTirrannaville1992
Tirranna - Gibson Family Cemetery Braidwood RoadTirrannaville1991
Tirranna, Garden, Farm Complex and Cemetery Braidwood RoadTirrannaville1992


Places on heritage registers in or near Towrang
NameLocationTown / nearest townDate listed
LEPState Heritage RegisterRegister of the National EstateOther register
Danganelly Farmhouse Greenwich Park RoadTowrang1978
Towrang Bridge and Culverts Hume HighwayTowrang1978
Towrang Convict Stockade & Magazine Hume HighwayTowrang1978
Lockyersleigh via Towrang1978
Lockyersleigh Garden via Towrang1992

Other places

Places on heritage registers in or near Lake Bathurst, Lower Boro,
NameLocationTown / nearest townDate listed
LEPState Heritage RegisterRegister of the National EstateOther register
Lake Bathurst Public School (former) Goulburn - Braidwood RoadLake Bathurst1978
Glen-Dor (Welcome Reef Dam area)Windellama RoadLower Boro1999Sydney Water s.170 Register (?1996)